The world of photography took a dramatic turn the moment digital cameras replaced film cameras.  Aside from the obvious mechanical changes: the instant gratification of the image you’ve just clicked, the ability to adjust the ISO (sensitivity to light) without changing film, the massive storage capacity, etc, etc… the most notable change became the endless post-production capability.  As long as the image is in focus, everything else can be changed. Literally everything.  We are no longer sharing moments of captured light as the world presents them naturally but instead we convey our personal interpretations of the light.

This section has been divided into two parts.  The first is an accumulation of some of my favorite still photos listed by categories.  The second is a batch of the some of the videos I’ve developed over the last several years.

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A collection of some of my favorite photos from all over the world

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Over the years, I’ve assembled videos of everything from ridiculous adventures to miniature dachshunds

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You can also find the Portfolio I recently printed here:

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