12th Day

April 1st

As this was our last full day in Morocco, we did our best to buy everything in site.  Ted acquired 328 pieces of wood (slight exaggeration…but close) in various forms, Jeff accumulated 239 pieces of wood (again, a slight exaggeration) and I bought 4 small wooden boxes.  The shear mass of luggage was now daunting… it included three large rugs, an entire wood shop, multiple bottles of argon oil, a vat of rose oil, desert sand, multiple bags of cumin, and a dead camel.

That night, we met up with Hannah and Sarah again.  After dinner and a few drinks, we ventured to meet some of their new found friends.  Their friends were extremely kind and inviting musicians who were happy to host us.  We sat amongst them in a small shop while they played various indigenous instruments.  It was a perfect ending to an incredible trip.