3rd Day

March 23

After another leisurely, morning we decided to visit one of the popular gardens on the outskirts of Marrakech.  There, we were a little disappointed to see a few cacti and some exotic plants but little else.  The monument to Yves St. Laurent was also quite minimal (as it should be).

We then toured the Berber market but quickly returned to our neighborhood as its goods were similar to everything else we’d seen in Marrakech.

Ted followed my lead from the day before and got a haircut and a shave (from a much cleaner barber shop).  In the meantime, Jeff and I found a nearby café to relax and collect fancy fruit beverages.  There, the stunning hostess sat us and brought cheers to both of our faces.     She was absolutely gorgeous and graced us with a flirty smile in regular intervals.  She further delighted us by walking by our table every few minutes as we giggle like school kids.  Clearly we had been out of the presence of women for too long.

That night, after failing at two restaurants in various parts of town, we decided to return the restaurant with the gorgeous hostess.  She was still there and we were still smitten.  After dinner, I asked her to take a photo with me… she happily obliged.  Unfortunately, the rest of the staff was not pleased with my request.  As we left, it was apparent that she had been reprimanded for taking a picture with me.  The love affair was over.