11th Day

March 31

It strikes me that we had a bit of a shopping addiction in Morocco.  Regardless of the town we visited, we were continuously pulled toward the various vendors offering their wares.  Perhaps it was the inescapable fact that they constantly pursued us… however, we were eager candidates.

During a lazy afternoon coffee on the main square, we happened upon another twosome of British gals – Hannah and Sara.  They had just arrived to Morocco (and Essaouira) and were eager to begin their travelling adventure.  We introduced them to a few of the Moroccan subtleties including drug offerings, rug negotiations, and camel burgers.  As we continued our banter, a neighboring eavesdropper quickly interrupted.  He was offended by what he’d thought he’d heard.  We tolerantly spent the next twenty minutes calming him down only to learn he was essentially delusion and mildly insane.  His supposed resume included: 1) wind surfing instructor; 2) world traveler extraordinaire 3) professional musician; and 4) Moroccan sniper.

We eventually snuck away from the “sniper” and Hannah and Sara joined us to catch the sunset from the roof deck of a nearby bar.  Essaouira is known for its stunning sunsets…We were not disappointed.  The five of us spent the remainder of the evening together drinking wine and daring each other to snort pepper, cumin and various indigenous bugs.