My Favorite iPhone Apps

There are more than one million Apps available to iPhone users. 75% are total crap. I look at some of the first Apps I bought several years for more than $0.99 and laugh awkwardly at my decisions. Games like StickWars, BMX and Motochaser still sit in a distant folder labelled “games I will never play […]

Bentley’s Priorities

We own a 9 lbs miniature dachshund named Bentley.  His top “priorities” are similar to most dogs but vary sharply once you get to #5 on the list.  While other canines are motivated by their stomachs, Bentley thrives on a world of warmth.  This is partly because he has no fur and partly because he […]

The Five Most Impactful Decisions of Our Lives

If I’d sped through the yellow light on my way to buy a lottery ticket I’d be a millionaire right now.  The guy in front of me at the convenience store bought a ticket of randomly selected numbers.  I bought the next set of randomly selected numbers.  The next day I learned that he’d won $22 […]