My Favorite iPhone Apps

There are more than one million Apps available to iPhone users. 75% are total crap. I look at some of the first Apps I bought several years for more than $0.99 and laugh awkwardly at my decisions. Games like StickWars, BMX and Motochaser still sit in a distant folder labelled “games I will never play […]

Bentley’s Priorities

We own a 9 lbs miniature dachshund named Bentley.  His top “priorities” are similar to most dogs but vary sharply once you get to #5 on the list.  While other canines are motivated by their stomachs, Bentley thrives on a world of warmth.  This is partly because he has no fur and partly because he […]

Travel Buddies

How Do You Spend Your Time?

The average American spends 2.54 hours watching television every day.  We spend 8.38 hours sleeping, 0.7 hours grooming, and 0.31 hours (that’s less than 20 minutes) participating in sports or exercising.  The average American also spends 4.5 hours working.  So now you’re scratching your head… “But I spend 8-9 hours a day at work?!?”  True indeed. […]