Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday night looked to be relatively calm as Saturday would be filled with wine tasting in Sonoma.  Stone and I met my friend Dave in North Beach for dinner followed by visits to some of the reputable bars nearby.  As a few drinks led to a few more, we stumbled into a college bar with a band.  There, we meandered a bit… staring at college talent and doing little about it.  After a quick and final drink, Stone went home anticipating a big day of wine tasting (now just a few hours away).  Dave shortly followed suit leaving me to my own drunken devices.

Thus far unsuccessful with any of San Francisco’s finest attributes, I attempted a few mumblings at a cute 23 year old girl.  She immediately hugged her nearby friends as if to say, “get the hell away you drunk #$@%”.  Fortunately, I am not easily deterred.  I recollected myself to find the yet another attractive 20 something cleanly reject me without even a word.

Eventually, I tucked my tail between my legs and went home…  Defeated




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