Buenos AiresMarch-August, 2013: Argentina…  My ex-girlfriend and I decided to move to a foreign country for six months.  Just for the heck of it…  We chose Buenos Aires.  We don’t speak Spanish… but we brought our two miniature Dachshunds.  I’ve grown tired of lengthy prose so I just did weekly lists.  Love it!


Atlas MountainsMarch 21-April 2,2009: Jeff (left), Brian (confused), and Ted (right) wade their way through a disco revival in each and every part of Morocco. Camels anyone?






This is the story of the 30 day period (October 23 – San Francisco ProjectNovember 23, 2008) in which I rented an apartment in Russian Hill and pretended to fit in with the rest of the progressive San Francisco crowd. Names have been changed because my friends are embarrassed by their association. Come sing along!





Across AmericaJuly 2002: The unlikely journey of three guys (Pat, Shawn, and Brian) traveling from coast to coast in a two engine propeller plane. Unfortunately, I did my best to document every day of the trip. Join the Adventure…

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